Popular Mathematics and the Ancient Wisdom
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Math for Mystics: From the Fibonacci sequence to Luna's Labyrinth to the Golden Section and Other Secrets of Sacred Geometry Renna Shesso 2007 Weiser Books 41,822 Discusses the mathematics that underlie much of modern magic and traditional occult lore. No direct discussion of the infinite.
One = Infinity: A Glimpse of the Grand Kosmic Scheme and Our Place and Responsibility Within It Marilyn, R. Mueller 2007 Outskirts Press 5,539,401 Nicely illustrated volume discussing the grand scheme of life in terms of a fundamental underlying geometric design.
Sacred Geometry Miranda Lundy 2002 Walker & Company 56,370 Discusses the view of geometry held by the ancient Greeks, that geometry gives insight into the architecture of Nature and provides the basis for establishing harmony between man and Nature
Sacred Geometry: Deciphering the Code Stephen Skinner 2006 Sterling 187,687 Skinner attempts to describe an underlying geometric order in the design of the universe that can be practially applied to create a better life; he proposes that this order is the basis for the art of feng shui.
Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice Robert Lawlor 1989 Thames & Hudson 66,469 The book consists of hands-on workbooks that discuss geometric constructions using pencil, compass, straight-edge and graph paper. Includes the Vesica Piscis, Golden Section, Squaring the Circle, Geometry and Music, the Platonic Solids. Interspersed with philosophy about the meanings and symbolism of sacred geometry.
Sacred Number: The Secret Quality of Quantities
Miranda Lundy 2001 Walker & Company 169,282 Discusses qualities of natural numbers much in the spirit of the Pythagoreans, considered  in the contexts of practical daily living, modern arts, and ancient wisdom
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life
Drunvalo Melchizedek 1999 Light Technology Publications 8,153 Drunvalo teaches about his findings about the hidden geometry of our world. He derives the mathematics behind it; provides evidence of fundamental geometric patterns in ancient ruins; and even describes meditation practices based on these basic patterns. Drunvalo uses his strong background in physics to give a more than usual scientific treatment of these topics.
The Fourth Dimension : Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, and Mathematics Rudolf Steiner, David Booth 2001 Steiner Books 546,828 Steiner uses the mathematical view of the fourth dimension as an analogy for higher levels of awareness.