Professional: Software Demos
Geometry Applet (June 2006)
This is a sample of work for the Core Plus Mathematics Project. Software for this project is designed to help the student of this curriculum more easily visualize mathematical concepts in the areas of geometry, algebra, and discrete mathematics (at the high school level). This applet illustrates principles of triangle congruence.
Document Search Interface (June 2001)
This is a two-tiered Java application (for home use) that allows me to look up professional papers in my own library by Author or Keyword. It provides a front end to an Access database (and uses the (free) jdbc-odbc bridge for data access). The search interface supports complex and/or queries. Since I don't have a license for a "real" jdbc driver, I can't turn this application into an applet. Below are some links to jpg's of the user interface to indicate how the application works:
Initial screen (100K)
Pick search keys (135K)
Table of results (135K)
Examine one of the records (115K)
User Interface for Complex Insurance Rating Engine (November 1999)
Clicking on the link will take you to a picture of a GUI I built with Swing 1.0.3, used as a front end for testing a rating engine (that I also wrote). All this was done as part of a large team effort to produce a million-line insurance services application. My part was to code the rather complicated algorithms of the Revenue Assurance plans. I'm only displaying a jpeg (rather than an applet) because the data is proprietary. (270K dowload)
The Leads Program (January 1998)
This little application uses the "Liveconnect" feature of Netscape browsers, which allows Java applets to communicate with Javascript on an HTML page. Clicking on the link will open a safe new page in your browser. You may not be able to return to this page by clicking "Back" on your browser toolbar because the new page uses frames, so you may want to bookmark this page before proceeding...(Note: Liveconnect was not supported by earlier versions of Internet Explorer, but it is supported by all versions of Netscape (3.0 and later) and current versions of IE Explorer.)
Student Grade Assessor (December 2000)
This applet allows students in my classes (at Boise State University) to see their grades as the semester progresses, and as the semester nears its end, to see how well they have to do on the final exam in order to obtain their desired grade. The applet is written in Swing. Since I do not have access to the web server at the university, I created my own object database -- a separate Java application converts spreadsheet data about each student into a class for my object database, which is then loaded into memory whenever the applet is accessed. Click the link to see an image of the applet (using fictional student data).