The Book

Both mathematicians and mystics have a long history of deep investigations into the "Infinite". Are both traditions studying the same thing?

This book introduces the reader to the wisdom of the ancients -- especially in the Vedic and Taoist traditions -- concerning the nature of the Infinite.

It also gently explains how the ancient wisdom provided the intuitive foundation for a recent discovery in modern Set Theory concerning a long-standing problem about the mathematical infinite -- how the "dynamics of wholeness" according to the ancients suggests a way to resolve a deep foundational paradox.
During the discussion of these topics, the author invites the reader to have his or her own experience of the Infinite by way of simple well-known techniques of meditation. The book suggests that the experience of the unbounded asepct of one's awareness is easily gained and is of great practical benefit.
The style of the book is a dialogue between a master of both the mathematical and mystical Infinite -- named Dr. Wu -- and a university student Paul Crandall, with other characters emerging as the book develops. The book is presented in two volumes, which include exercises and answers to odd-numbered problems.