Unique Vision

The Infinite According to Master Wu offers the following unique combination of characteristics in its content and presentation style:
  1. Presents a frontier of modern research into the mathematical infinite. Most popular treatments of the mathematical infinite do not discuss infinities any larger than the set of natural numbers; those that do only rarely discuss any of the work beyond Cantor's research, which took place more than 100 years ago. Master Wu not only introduces the modern era of mathematical infinity -- the theory of large cardinals -- but also brings into the popular arena recent breakthroughs in this area of research.

  2. Deeply investigates connections between modern mathematics and "the mystical Infinite." In Master Wu, a central theme is that the analogy between the mathematical infinite and the mystical Infinite can be -- and has been recently -- leveraged to provide new answers to some of the deep questions in mathematical research on infinity.

  3. Emphasizes personal experience of the Infinite. Those books that attempt to describe connections between modern science and ancient wisdom tend to do this primarily in an academic way -- in a way that is interesting, inspiring, and informative, but that does not give the reader any new avenue for personally experiencing the benefit of these deeper realities. What is the "technology" of mathematical wholeness? How can the reader make use of these deep connections in daily life? The reader of Master Wu will be exposed to ancient methodologies for personally experiencing the Infinite, and will be invited to reflect on his or her own experiences and benefits -- benefits that are known and expected to arise as individual awareness expands to its own Infinite value.