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Indestructibility of Wholeness
Fundamenta Mathematicae, Vol. 252, No. 2, 2021, pp. 147-170
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The Axiom of Infinity, QFT, Large Cardinals
Review of Symbolic Logic, July, 2018 (submitted)
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The Axiom of Infinity and Transformations j: V → V
Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, March, 2010
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Forcing over Nonwellfounded Models
Australasian Journal of Logic, Vol 5, 2007
The online journal article is available here.
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Lifting Elementary Embeddings j: Vλ → Vλ
Archive for Mathematical Logic, Vol. 46, 2007, pp. 61-72
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Link to Article on Archive webiste
The Spectrum of Elementary Embeddings j: V → V
Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, vol. 139, May 2006, pp. 327-399
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Link to Article on Annals website (Note: An earlier version of this paper by the same name included the material in this paper as well as the material in the "Gap" paper and the "Forcing" paper, listed above. For publishing purposes, I broke up the original paper into 3 parts.)
The Gap Between I3 and the Wholeness Axiom
Fundamenta Mathematicae, 179, 2003, pp. 43-60
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The Wholeness Axiom and Laver Sequences
Ann Pure App Logic, October, 2000, pp. 157-260
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Consistency of V = HOD with the Wholeness Axiom
Arch Math Logic, 2000, vol 39, pp. 219-226
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Laver Sequences for Extendible and Super-almost-huge Cardinals
Journ. Symb. Logic, Vol 64, No. 3, Sep 1999, pp. 263-83
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PDF format (221K)

Corrections to ``Laver Sequence for Extendible and And Super-almost-huge Cardinals''
PDF format (81K)
A New Large Cardinal Axiom and Laver Sequences for Extendibles
Fundamenta Mathematicae, 152, 1997, pp. 183-188
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Introduction to Metric-Preserving Functions
Amer. Math Monthly, Vol 104, No. 4, April 1999, pp 309-23
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Ramsey Sets, the Ramsey Ideal, and Other Classes over R
Journ Symb Logic, Vol 57, No. 4, Dec 1992, pp 1441-68
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The Generalized Borel Conjecture and Strongly Proper Orders
Trans Amer Math Soc, Vol 316, 1989, pp 115-40
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Mathematical Logic and Computability
McGraw Hill, 1996. (Republished independently in this format in 2000)
(Undergraduate text, co-authored with H. J. Keisler and the Wisconsin Logic Group)
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Surveys and Notes (PDF format)
When Are Closed and Bounded Sets Compact? First version 1988, revised 2013. 2 pages. (Unpublished)
X-Laver Sequences, 1998, 6 pages. (Unpublished)
Fixed Points of Logs and a Characterization of e, 2006, revised 2013. 8 pages. (Unpublished)
P-Points in the Construction of the Real Line, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology, Vol 1(5), November, 2015, pp. 18--20. Available online on the IJEART website here: here.
Revisiting the Construction of the Real Line, International Mathematical Forum, Vol. 11, 2016, no. 2, 71 - 94. Available on the Hitari Publishing website here.

Slides from Recent Talks (PDF format)
Maharishi's Global Family Chat, Nov 2019 "Indestructibility of Wholelness"
A video of this presentation is available at Archives of Maharishi Channel; click the Nov 23, 2019 link.
BEST-2016 "The Axiom of Infinity, Quantum Field Theory, and Large Cardinals."
AAAS, Pacific Division, 97th ANNUAL MEETING, San Diego, California 14 - 17 June 2016.
[2015 Conference cancelled]"Understanding the Manifest Universe in Terms of Absolute Mathematical Structures"
Summit of Mathematicians and Physicists, September, 2014 "Emergence of the Universe"
WAVES Conference, July 31 - Aug 3, 2014, MUM Fairfield"Mathematics of Pure Consciousness"
MUM Faculty Research Seminar, November, 2013, MUM Fairfield"Emergence of the Infinite"
MUM Faculty Research Seminar, Apr 26, 2013, MUM Fairfield"Magical Origin of the Natural Numbers"
MUM Faculty Symposium, Apr 27-29, 2012, MUM Fairfield"Recent Progress in the Mathematical Analysis of the Infinite"
ASL Annual Meeting, Mar 26-30, 2008, UC Irvine "The Axiom of Infinity and Transformations V -> V''
BEST 2002 "Forcing over the language {e, j}"
BSU Colloquium, 2001 "Has modern mathematics finally understood the infinite?"